Salomon Ivy Snowboard Boots 2018

Salomon Ivy Snowboard Boots 2018

Salomon Pearl Snowboard Boots Women's 2019

Salomon Pearl Snowboard Boots Women's 2019

Flux GTX Lace Snowboard Boots Army/Brown 2018

Conventional-Lace- Conventional Laces offer the ability to create a unique fit and feel that suits your personal preference.

Power Loop- This loop is connected to the tongue and reaches around the outside of the boot to create a more direct connection.

Metal hook- Steel lace hooks are durable and lightweight.


Hot Melt Adhesive- TPU adhesive undergoes a heat treated application process which creates an extremely strong bond between materials and improves waterproofing while decreasing weight.

Embossed Panel- Designed to fill any gap between your boot and binding strap for more even pressure and additional comfort.

V-shape Design- Lower boot shape designed for easier tightening and a more secure foot wrap.

Dual Flex Design- Upper and lower independent boot flex for increased flexibility.

Universal Toe- Compatible with all binding straps and fits any toe shape.

Wide 3D Tongue- Provides a full wrap around the front of your leg for more even pressure.

Internal Support- Stiffer material on the back of the boot for additional support.


Stud Sole- This lightweight skate inspired EVA sole is flat and features grippy studs under the toe and heel for support.


Type2 Focused on performance, this liner has a built in lacing system and features memory foam that will naturally form to your foot.


BMZ Insole- “BMZ” insoles patented technology that improves balance, allows for ergonomically correct lateral foot movement and keeps your feet warm.

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Flux GTX Lace Snowboard Boots Army/Brown 2018
The GTX Lace has a skate inspired look and is a team rider favorite that can handle anything from the park to the steeps. It offers all the comfort you need without sacrificing any performance or quality.
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Shoe Size N/A
call_for_order N/A
Boot Size No
Brand flux
Gender Mens
Boot Fit No
Flex Rating (1=soft) 4
Lacing System Traditional Lace
Articulated Cuff Yes
Liner Features Heat-Moldable
Heel Hold (10 is Strong) 10
Heel Impact Zone High
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